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FREE Bonus RM100

1x Deposit, 2x Bonus!
Receive additional credit up to RM100 when you made deposit up to 5 days with MegaVIP Bot !

Terms & Conditions :
1) Deposit once a day to UNLOCK this promotion
2) You may claim FREE RM 20 for 5 consecutive days!
3) Applicable for slot games & fish arcade ONLY.
4) To withdraw, credit won RM300 and above
5) Maximum withdrawal funds will be RM50 ONLY
6) Bonus cannot be used along with deposit or other bonuses

What exactly is the free bonus promotion?

Free bonus promotion, in particular, provides gamblers free credit upon success deposit for the first time of the day. For example, upon completing a deposit as low as RM30, gamblers are allow to redeem this Mega888 promotion! As a result, you will receive an additional RM20 for wage.

Why should you take advantage of this free promotion after you’ve already made a deposit?

Gamblers will benefit from a longer run of placing bets with this promotion. Furthermore, who doesn’t appreciate freebies? On the contrary, while this promotion does not assure any winning, it does assist by giving a chance to win back what you have deposited. As a result, gamblers have extra chances and time to continue waging on the platform.

How long will this bonus promotion last?

To begin with, this is a fixed promotion that will continue indefinitely. The terms, however can be claim once per days and up to 5 days. As a result, keep an eye out for the terms and conditions for the promotions to avoid credit being forfeit!

Can this bonus combine with other ongoing free promotion?

Gamblers permitted to claim or mix together with other ongoing promotions. However, deposit are not allow to be mix together with this promotions. As a result, gamblers are advice to read all promotion terms and conditions before placing bets.

What are the deposit requirements for this bonus promotion?

There are no deposit methods requirements. Furthermore, it is entirely optional up to your desired deposit amount. Furthermore, MegaVIP Bot has no restrictions on the deposit method used to claim this promotion. Last but not least, this promotions can be claim by just depositing as low as RM30. Therefore, what are you waiting for, deposit and claim this promotion today.

How much is the Free bonus promotion worth?

This promotion allow gamblers RM20 each day and up to 5 days. In addition, do take notes that this promotion will be unlock upon completing at least (1) deposit for the respective days.