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Mega888 Angpao Party

Terms & Conditions :
1) Deposit – Min withdraw : RM50.00
2) Without deposit : Min withdraw : RM30.00 (100 credit)
3) Applicable for slot games & fishing arcade only
4) Claimable once per day only
5) Limited to the first 1,000 claimants only

Stand a chance to to claim an Angpao from 8PM onwards everyday. Invite all of your friends now !

Mega888 Angpao

Beside Chinese New Year, do you know that Mega888 Angpao exist too? For instance Chinese New Year, no doubt angpao is one of the things we looking for. Indeed for the Chinese communities, angpao or red envelope is a gift given during holidays such as Chinese New Year or for special occasions such as a wedding, a graduation, or the birth of a baby. The value inside the angpao are vary and depends on the individual that are giving away. At the same time, the feelings of joy that we experience when receiving angpao is one of the happiest moment we experience. Therefore, at Mega888 angpao are being introduce! With the random chance of getting the angpao and the value are random too!

What does this angpao do?

The function of the angpao is definitely giving extra credits to boost your cash roll. Furthermore, who doesn’t appreciate freebies? It’s free after all! To illustrate, in the event you are having a good run and wanted to withdraw your winnings, you get the surprise of getting the red envelope. Immediately, you will feel blessed and feeling luck is showering yourself that day! In the same way, if you are having a bad run and the cash roll are running low, you get a surprise of getting the angpao. This time, the angpao will act as a chance to fight back the losing base capital.

How much does the angpao worth

The same culture of the Chinese communities apply too! Random amount ranging from as low as RM0.50 and who knows, you might even get up to RM88. While the rumors out there are higher amount of angpao dropped before to lucky players. On the contrary, who knows, you might be the ONE lucky individual that will strike higher amount of angpao with MegaVIP Bot.

How often does Mega888 give angpao out

While there is no fix formula or ways to get the angpao. What MegaVIP Bot can share with you gamblers are, if you try then you shall carry a chance to get. On the other hand, if you did not try Mega888 with us then the percentage of getting angpao is definitely zero to non! So what are you waiting for, join us and who knows, you might be one of the lucky winner to get RM88.