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Mega888 Bonus 


3 Receipt : FREE RM 8.88
7 Receipt : FREE RM 18.88
12 Receipt : FREE RM 28.88

Terms & Conditions :
1) Deposit 3/7/12 receipt to unlock free bonus
2) Minimum withdrawal 3x of received amount
3) Applicable for slot games & fishing arcade only
4) Claimable once per day only

Mega888 Bonus

Did you know that, in addition to the deposit bonus promotion, there is a Mega888 bonus by daily receipt count? First and foremost, no one enjoys losing; rather, we humans prefer to win. In general, this promotion rewards gamblers who meet the tiers’ deposit requirements. Previously, this promotion served the purpose of having a chance to win or fight back against what has been lost. However, at MegaVIP, we are revolutionizing the way rebates work in the industry. Specifically, instead of having to claim after losing, we made the rebate claimable even if you did not lose. As a result, we call it daily receipt instead of Mega888 Bonus.

How do I get Mega888 Bonus

To begin, this promotion is available to all MegaVIP members. For example, if you meet the tier requirement, you can redeem this promotion. Furthermore, once the tier requirements are met, this promotion can be redeem immediately. Members can redeem the lowest tier of this promotion with as few as three receipts. Furthermore, who doesn’t appreciate freebies?

How much is the daily receipt bonus worth 

As there are other promotions available such as deposit bonus. This daily receipt rewards gamblers as low as RM8.88 and can be redeem up to RM28.88. To take advantage of this promotion, simply achieve three, seven, or twelve receipts count daily. When the requirements are met, you will be able to withdraw the bonus.

Can I make deposit in Mega888 after redeeming this bonus

Yes, you certainly can. When you first claim this promotion, there are no deposit restrictions. More importantly, make a deposit to increase your chances of winning the initial cash back value. During a lucky streak, the gambler will have higher stakes to continue placing bets without having to make a deposit.

Can this bonus be combine with another ongoing promotion

Gamblers are allow to claim in conjunction with other ongoing promotions. However, gamblers are advice to read the terms and conditions of the promotion to avoid conflicting withdrawal terms.