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New registered can claim 3x Welcome Bonus as much as RM 1,164!

1st deposit : 40%
2nd deposit : 40%
3rd deposit : 40%

Terms & Conditions :
1) Applicable for slot games & fishing arcade ONLY.
2) Max bonus : RM 388
3) Minimum withdrawal : x3 received amount

Example : RM100 Free RM40 = RM140 x 3 = RM420 minimum withdrawal amount

What exactly is the welcome bonus promotion?

Mega888 promotion, in particular, provides gamblers with additional credit on top of the amount they cash in. For example, deposit RM100 and receive RM140 in credit! As a result, you will receive an additional RM40 credit as part of the promotion.

Why should you take advantage of this welcome bonus in Mega888?

Gamblers will benefit from a longer run of placing bets with this promotion. Furthermore, who doesn’t appreciate freebies? On the contrary, while this promotion does not assure any winning, it does assist with higher stakes of wagers per match. As a result, higher stakes for each wager will allow gamblers to win more money.

How long will this bonus last?

To begin with, this is a fixed promotion that will continue indefinitely. Gamblers can choose to redeem this promotion during deposit up to 3 times can be redeem. Furthermore, keep an eye out for MegaVIP Bot promotions for special occasion promotions to raise the stakes of winning in waging.

Can this bonus be combine with another ongoing promotion?

Gamblers permitted to claim the majority of the promotion. To be clear, only ‘Free Bonus‘ cannot be claimed simultaneously. However, in the event of multiple claiming with other ongoing promotion, will eventually lead to higher minimum withdrawal requirement. As a result, gamblers are advice to read all promotion terms and conditions before placing bets. Check out our event and other promotions to maximize your winnings.

What is the bonus for this welcome promotion worth?

To begin with, this promotions are worth up to RM 1,164. However, the maximum capped bonus can be claim during each deposit are up to RM 388. In addition, gamblers can claim this promotion up to 3 times. In the event gamblers does not feeling like to be restrict with the terms and wish to skip claiming this promotion, the promotion can be skip and remain to be claim on next deposit.

What are the deposit requirements for this bonus?

There are no minimum deposit amount requirements. In other words, it is entirely optional up to your desired deposit amount. Furthermore, MegaVIP Bot has no restrictions on the deposit method used to claim this promotion.

Play with trusted Mega888 Cuci company

A business with a solid reputation and a reputation for producing high-quality work is says to be respect. This indicates that the business has a reputation for producing quality work and upholding industry standards. These businesses often have a solid track record and are trustworthy. When choosing a trusted Mega888 Cuci company, each of these considerations should be take into account. As a result, it’s crucial to take into account the following: their track record, years of operation, public reviews, and the quantity of members.